Karla Kerns

Dog Warden


Chiara is 4 years old. She is such a sweet loving girl that loves the water. She is currently one of our longest residents.  Chiara loves the water and will bark nonstop until you let her play in the water when you have the hose out.  She loves to play with toys and does not seem to have a  particular one that she likes more than others.  Chiara is always happy to see new people.  She walks well on a leash and knows how to sit on command.  Chiara will typically sit as soon as she sees you have a treat in your hand.  Chiara has so much potential to be an amazing dog that gives never ending love and affection.  She is smart and loves unconditionally.

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What is the specialty pet license plate?

The Ohio Pet License Plates are Ohio vehicle registration tags with special pet images like the four you see on this page. The purchase of a special image from the BMV raises funds for spay and neuter of dogs and cats at qualifying agencies like humane societies, non-profit dog and cat rescues, and government animal control facilities, helping more homeless animals to find forever homes!