Pilot Program Begins Between Sheriff’s Office and Fire Departments

Pictured above is Sheriff Jeff Paden speaking at a training seminar with Guernsey County Fire Departments on Saturday, February 1st 2020. The Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the fire departments on a pilot program involving real-time access to the 911 Center’s CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system. The Sheriff’s Office has provided two IPAD tablets and wireless internet service to Antrim and Byesville Fire Departments. These tools will be used to provide critical information to emergency response personnel on EMS and Fire calls for service. This information includes GPS plotted locations with directions to the scene, real time access to 911 dispatcher’s notes and comments, ability to see other responders on a map, satellite view of property, up to date address location information directly derived from the local MSAG (Master Street Address Guide) and much more.

The goal is to give all fire departments in Guernsey County access to this life saving technology. Sheriff Paden states “This process started about a year ago when we upgraded our 911 center with funding from the 911 Levy. We partnered with a cloud based CAD provider (Soma Global) so we could provide this technology to all first responders. We understand that seconds matter when responding to emergency situations and anything that can be done to decrease that response time is my top priority.”

After the pilot program is complete, all Fire Departments in Guernsey County will be provided IPADS and wireless internet service to access the 911 Center’s CAD system. This is all made possible due to the 911 Levy that was passed with great support by Guernsey County citizens. “Guernsey County Citizens have entrusted me with their hard earned tax dollars to provide better emergency services for all of Guernsey County and I will come through for them. I’m also happy to say that there is much more to come!”, stated Sheriff Paden.