Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing primary police service to the unincorporated areas of the 19 townships within Guernsey County.  These 19 townships encompass more than 40,000 residents, approximately 528 square miles, and more than 1,225 miles of federal, state, county, and township roadways.  As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County, the Sheriff has one of the most extensive sets of responsibilities to those they serve. By statute they must provide the following:

  • Line Law Enforcement
  • Court Security and Service of Papers
  • Jail Operations
  • Nationwide Extradition Process
  • Transportation of Prisoners
  • Registration/Verification of Sexual Offenders
  • Process CCW Applications
  • County-wide E911 System
  • Roadway Condition Advisory System

The Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office serves as the foundation on which most of the other Sheriff’s Office divisions are built. The realization that criminal activity is directly detected and deterred by an aggressive traffic enforcement posture is proven again and again.  It is the Patrol Division that is most visible, is usually the first to respond to calls for assistance and generates most of the reports submitted to other divisions for follow up. It is within this division that six of the nine responsibilities of the Sheriff, as set by statue, are carried out.


In the BSSA vehicles there are 2 ACU 1000’s radio patching devices. They can patch together different radio types.  There are 4 VHF, 3 UHF, 3 800 MHz radios, and 1 800 MHz Repeater to allow better state radio system coverage in poor coverage areas.

There are 4 more radios mounted in consoles on the driver side of the cabin that are not connected to the ACU-1000 patching devices and are used for monitoring purposes. These 4 radios consist of 2 VHF, 1UHF and 1 800 MHZ radio.

The radios can be programmed to contain all of the UHF and VHF low band public safety frequencies used in Ohio.  The 800 MHz and VHF highband radios are currently programmed in a regional manner to reflect the response area of the vehicle. Each vehicle also comes with a cache of 12, 800 MHz Hand-Held radios. The cab of the vehicle has 1 800 MHz radio (for a total of 17) and 1 radio that is compatible with the predominant radio system of the county in which the vehicle is housed.

Additional equipment includes:
1 Video camera on a rotating telescopic mast
3 Video monitors
1 Printer/Fax
3 Cell phone circuits
1 Weather station
3 Laptop computers
2 Six unit charging stations for the vehicles 800 MHz hand-held radios

The vehicle also has a self-contained generator to power the equipment when there is no shore power available.

Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association Communications Vehicle